Dad's Cunning Trick to Get Baby to Eat Lunch

Making sure your child eats something vaguely nutritious is often a major flashpoint in a sleep-deprived household, with all manner of tricks having to be dreamt up to hoodwink the little cherubs into performing one of the most important actions necessary for keeping them alive. So much so that it can occasionally make you question whether evolution stands up as a legitimate theory after all.

We promise to clap and cheer Elsa if she consumes the delicious fare placed in front of her, something that is fine at home but baffling to other diners in the middle of a busy teatime at Pizza Express. In fact, she’s now started demanding the whoops and hollers before she’s even had time to pretend to not want to eat the grub. Okay, perhaps evolution does work, just not how we’d want it.

New Jersey dad Charles Flartey has his own spin on the whole feeding-chicanery business, he has started filming himself attempting to spoon various foodstuffs into one-year-old son Tommy’s mouth whilst bewitching him by reworking song lyrics.

Predictably, the videos have become a YouTube sensation. Here’s his yogurt-based rendition of R Kelly’s Bump N’ Grind:

And this is a jellified Lionel Richie:

It seems to be working too, given the almost eerie compliance of little Tommy.

A great idea that might not quite make the cut for the Alternative Toddler Playlist, but is certainly worth a try. Never Mind the Bolognese anyone?

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