Dads Honour Mums by Wearing Baby Bumps

Three British dads who work together in Barcalona have taken to wearing pregnancy suits for a month to better empathise with the “superhuman” women in their lives. Jason Bramley, Steve Hanson and Jonny Biggins were researching a book about mums when they struck on the idea to spend the month leading up to mother’s day sporting the bumps day and night, only taking them off to wash.

The trio are blogging about their adventures on their Three Pregnant Dads website and say that the ’empathy bellies’ have made it difficult to move around and perform everyday tasks, with Biggins admitting that he’d had to slow down as a result. Bramley even questioned why pregnant women don’t use wheelchairs in reference to how immobile he feels.

The men agree that the mothers of their children were superhuman, admitting that the project has made them “think more about what other people have been through. We have to walk in other people’s shoes, so this is a great way of getting a different perspective while creating some discussion and having a little fun.”

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