Mums are Worth £172,000 a Year

If you bought your mum a few wilted daffs and a cheapo card for Mother’s Day then you may well be undervaluing her contribution. A new survey, to coincide with the special day, suggests that mums of under-18s utilise skills that would bring them £172,000 per year in the job market.

The report by Interflora found that the average mother began her daily tasks at 7am, not finishing until 11pm, and took on roles such as entertainer, housekeeper and even lawyer! The hourly rates for the amount of time spent on each job were added together, with 40 hours paid at the standard rate and a further 79 hours of overtime, to make the total of £172,000 per year – more than the average chief executive, pilot or prime minister.

No figures were uncovered for dads, but surely they deserve danger money after a recent report found that 70 percent of fathers had been injured in the line of duty.

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