Dads Who Spend More Time With their Kids are Happier at Work

A new study suggests that fathers who spend more time with their children are happier at work. The finding, to be published in the Academy of Management Perspectives, gives bosses food for thought – dads who are allowed to enjoy family time are more satisfied in their employment and less likely to jump ship.

US business periodical Forbes also claims, unsurprisingly, that the report shows dads who have longer to connect with their offspring avoid conflict at home.

Almost 1,000 American men were questioned for the study which produced a result which flies in the face of the country’s often unenlightened stance on paternity leave and flexitime. Of course, the UK has recently introduced rules which allow dads to take over much of the early childcare although, it’s not always possible.

So there you have it, go to the boss tomorrow and insist that you have the afternoon off – for the good of the company, of course!

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