Flying with Kids Could Change Forever

Thomson, who bill themselves as “Britain’s largest leisure airline”, have unveiled a five year plan that could change the way that families fly forever. Whether it’s for the better or worse is, as ever, in the eye of the beholder.

Family booth for flying
“Move your head, I want to watch Hunger Games 12”

The airline’s concept is to fit out their Boeing 737s with Family Booths; two rows of three seats, facing each other with a table in-between similar to the table seats on a train. Eliminating the issue of having to pass messages along a line and the Chinese whispers that come with it when seated traditionally on an aeroplane, the new design would make flying a more sociable occasion even if it does make watching the in-flight movie more difficult.

Smug childless couples needn’t feel left out, they could take advantage of the Duo-Seats; a row of three pod seats in which the middle one transforms into a table and Thomson are keen to suggest using it to house a bottle of champagne, rubbing it in for the envious parents who have to remain relatively sober whilst in charge of their brood.

For those sick of the sight of their loved ones after two draining weeks together in the Med, Thomson also suggests that they will provide a kids club to keep the little ‘uns entertained during the flight.

For more reading on the trials of travelling with children, take a look at the Bewildered Dad blog post about Prince George.

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