Want a Reward for Good Exam Grades? Ask Dad

Dads offer higher value incentives than mums for a good performance in exams, according to a survey of 1,500 parents. Kids finding out their GCSE results last week received £67.30 on average from dads for each A*, with mums paying out £53.20 for the top grade.


As well as cold, hard cash, it is also worth tapping up dad for other exam rewards, with fathers more likely to ply their progeny with iPads and laptops and mum’s tending to take their little brainboxes out for a meal.

To be fair, this seems like parents trying to make up for lying to their kids, as another recent survey reported.

The amount of GCSE exams graded C and above rose 0.2 percent this year, with the number of A*s dropping 0.1 percent – much to the relief of dads across the country.

This does seem to offer a reason for the same bores proclaiming each year that GCSEs and A Levels are getting easier – if the exam boards make them more difficult, we don’t have to shell out as much in rewards. Cunning.

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