One Direction's Louis Takes Fatherhood Advice from Simon Cowell

What you don’t want to hear as a soon-to-be or new parent is unsolicited advice or, worse, criticism, which is why Louis Tomlinson from One Direction’s heart must have sunk when criticiser-in-chief Simon Cowell decided to dispense some baby tips.

Louis Tomlinson

The 23-year-old Yorkshire lad’s due to become a dad early next year with Briana Jungworth and has had his ear bent by his band’s boss ahead of the big arrival. “I just said enjoy it,” revealed the X Factor mogul to Good Morning Britain, “If I had been his age and someone had said you’re going to have a baby, I’m not sure how I would have coped with it…I said when you’ve embraced it you’ll be amazed how much you are going to love it and it will change your life for the better. And that’s it.’

Actually, that does seem fairly level-headed wisdom from reality TV’s pantomime baddie, but I like to think the conversation went more like this:

“Being a dad isn’t a good experience…”

*Louis looks dejected* *crowd boo* *Cowell smirks*

“…it’s an AMAZING experience!”

Yes. That is definitely what happened.

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