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Apparently video content is all the rage nowadays and I’m always one to jump on the latest bandwagon. As well as vlogging for Dad Channel, I have my own Bewildered Dad YouTube channel too and thought you might be interested to see vlogs, sketches, interesting stuff and much more over in that corner of the internet. Here’s the *BD YouTube channel trailer to whet your appetite:

Make sure you subscribe by clicking the logo in the bottom right hand side, or by visiting the Bewildered Dad YouTube channel itself. I’d love it if you gave it a share too. I am defending, I know.

Here’s an offer – you subscribe to me and I’ll subscribe to you. Sounds fair right? I’m in…are you?

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I'm Jim Coulson, a West Yorkshire dad blogger, content writer and radio presenter who loves heading out around Yorkshire with my kids and exploring the best family activities.

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