Dad's Ace Loan Rejection Letter to 6-Year-Old

A Reddit user’s letter, rejecting his six-year-old son’s request for a loan of $20 has gone viral. The official-looking document informs the child that his payment won’t be processed because “after reviewing your account, we have find (sic) insufficient funds and a history of not doing your chores.”

The dad from St. Louis, Missouri, known as sonan303 on the site, directs the youngster to the “complaint department”, offering the kid’s mum’s phone number. The letter states that she might be able to “persuade” him to change his mind. I’m fairly sure this isn’t how it works at NatWest.

Take a look at the full note in all its glory:

Dad Loan Letter

This fella is up there in my top two sarcastic dads ever, along with Will Reid – click to read why.

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