Dad Arrested after Neighbour Didn't Recognise Him with a Beard

A Swedish dad has been arrested after a neighbour failed to recognise him with a beard and thought he was abducting his own son in a shopping bag (how’s that for a sentence?).

Torkel's beard

Stockholm resident Torkel Kristoffers had cultivated the facial fuzz whilst staying at home from work to look after two year-old Axel, who had requested to be transported to a friend’s house in a shopping bag – which is a perfectly legitimate request to the mind of a toddler. Unfortunately, as he set off, a neighbour called to report a potential abduction.

The police arrested Torkel, who managed to explain the error and was swiftly released, with a spokesperson hilariously admitting “It is currently not a crime to carry a child around in a bag.”

Axel Kristoffers in a bag

Kristoffers saw the funny side on his Facebook page, stating that it was “time to shave the beard.”

On behalf of all bearded dads, I see this as a worrying trend and urge police forces worldwide to respect the rights of the hirsuite, wherever they live. Except for Brad Pitt and his ridiculous beard in 12 Years a Slave of course.

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