Dad's Honest Fatherhood Post Goes Viral

Sheffield-based Matt Coyne, 41, and other half Lyndsay became parents to Charlie in September and Matt noted down his musings on fatherhood in an epic social media post that has captured the imagination of the public.
New dad Matt Coyne
He starts off expressing his horror at the labour, stating “In truth, the hardest thing about labour is seeing someone you love in such excruciating pain. But then Lyns did once make me sit through an episode of Downton Abbey so .. six of one, half a doz..”, adding “Labour is like magic.. but only in that its best when you don’t know how it’s done.”
The proud dad shares his favourite moments with his boy, “Whether Lyns likes it or not holding the baby above your head when its naked, and singing The Circle of Life┬áis funny” and suggests being a dad is “better than completing the World Cup Panini sticker album which I did in both 86 and 90”.
Nearly 15,000 Facebook users have shared the post, which you can read here in its full honest, sweary, but very funny glory:

If you want to know more about labour room experiences, I made a handy video for you to watch! Just click the link.
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