Fatherhood has made Hugh Grant 'Nicer'

Hugh GrantHugh Grant says that fatherhood has made him ‘nicer’ despite originally being dismissive of close friends who told him he’d love it. The usually fiercely-private actor admitted on US chat show Watch What Happens Now that becoming a dad to three children in 15 months by two different women has made him more pleasant to be around.

The change came as a surprise for the Four Weddings and a Funeral and Bridget Jones star who admitted, “”Clichés don’t have to be true, but it (fatherhood) turns out to be the best thing in your life. And all those people who said, ‘Hugh you must have kids…’. I thought, ‘Oh p**s off!’, (but) they’re absolutely right. It’s very nice. It’s very charming.”

Asked whether he was any more romantic, Grant scoffed but explained “I’m not without a heart and particularly now in my old age, I cry a lot. Almost everything makes me cry now… Anyone who’s nice to me makes me cry.”

You see, Hugh, that’s what happens when you’re exhausted after having three children in less than a year and a half! WHEN DO YOU SLEEP? Now there’s a man who can afford a team of nannies.

Seeing as Hugh Grant made his name playing some of the most fervently middle class characters in the history of cinema, perhaps he should check out the Five Signs that you have a Middle Class Child, just to check.

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