Man Discovers He's a Dad at 81 Years-Old

An 81 year-old American man has found out that he has been a dad for 61 years, after he discovered a letter from a former girlfriend that his late wife had intercepted. Tony Trapani’s wife of 50 years, Dolly, who had not been able to have children, past away in 2008 but it took Tony until last year to get round to clearing out her belongings and that is when he discovered a massive secret.

Tony came across a letter addressed to him, dated March 1959, from ex-girlfried Shirley Childress explaining that he was the father of her five year-old boy, Samuel. Dolly had spotted the letter and hidden it away from her husband.

Father and son¬†finally managed to meet this week after Trapani’s sister Arlene Schulte found Samuel’s wife on Facebook. Samuel and his wife now plan to move from Pennsylvania to Michigan to be closer to dad.

If he’s going to be a dad, there’s a lot that he needs to get up to speed with – there’s dad fashion, dad dancing¬†and dad jokes to all get find out about.

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