Picking the Winning EuroMillions Numbers the Toddler Way

When the EuroMillions jackpot hits a huge amount, every man and his dog look for the formula for picking the perfect numbers in order to bag a fortune. I’ve developed a lottery system that might just work for the parents of toddlers and you can use it if you like.

For the main numbers:

The number of songs in the Children’s category on iTunes

If you’re going to be forced to listen to a hellish cavalcade of nursery rhymes (although there are alternatives), those tunes might as well work for you as well as against you. If you’re unlucky to have more than 50 you’ll have to round it down – there’s only 50 main numbers in this lottery.

The number of pens left out with their lids off

Children are experts at taking the lids off pens in order to draw on paper, walls and antique books. Unfortunately, they seemĀ useless at putting them back on. If you have more than 50 of these, there is a real issue in your house.

The number of blocks in a tower before it is destroyed

Elsa isn’t bothered about building towers out of Lego, Duplo or wooden blocks. She is, however, very keen on knocking them over. How high can you make your structure before little ‘un comes and wreaks havoc?

The number of different coloured bits of Play Doh stuck together

The only time Play Doh looks neat and tidy is on the day you buy it. Before long, whichever pot you open, it’s a brown mess. If you can pick out the different colours, count them and use them on your ticket.

The number of minutes to put them to sleep

If your child is like mine, one day they’ll drop off at the flick of the light switch and, on others, they’ll still be jigging and singing half an hour later. Take today’s tally and see how it gets on when those EuroMillions numbers are drawn.

For the Lucky Stars:

The number of cuddly toys in your living room

There are cuddly toys EVERYWHERE in my house. I find them in my work bag, in our bed, in the shed. EVERYWHERE. But how many are in your living room right now? Use that digit!

The number of kids’ pictures hanging in your kitchen

The Lucky Stars only go up to 11, but if you have more than that you obviously have a big enough kitchen not to need to win the lottery. You can let me win instead.

Here’s a visual representation:

PS. 12 minutes to get Elsa to sleep was a fluke. A massive fluke. That is not representative.


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